Praying for Government – by Rob Parker

Praying for Government

By Rob Parker (Director of the National House of Prayer)

   When we finally answered the call to establish the National House of Prayer, neither Fran nor I had a great deal of interest in politics. We knew that part of the church’s mandate is to pray for those in authority (1Tim.2:1-3) and that was about it. Over the past six years of being in Ottawa; sitting in Question Period; through people like our associate, Richard Long and others, we have become much more familiar with how government works and how we can best intercede for them. Here are some of the points we teach when it comes to praying for government.

Pray for, Not Against the Government

  As Christians we are not told to pray for only a Christian government or a change in government so that we could have a Theocracy in place. We are simply told to pray for all those in authority, whether they are Christians or not and whether we agree with them or not. God “sets up kings and he deposes them” (Dan.2:21), our role is to pray that whoever is in government will be given grace to fulfil their high calling. It sometimes shocks people to hear that our mandate at NHOP is not to Christianize the government but simply to pray for good government.

Let’s explain this a little further …

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