52 Days of Non-Stop Prayer in Victoria

from Daria Tomiuk who is coordinating the Unite Canada 24-7-365-2010 effort.

The church of Victoria (www.cityreach.ca) just finished 52 days of non-stop prayer last weekend! One of the organizers wrote me just as it was getting started telling me that at least 35 churches have now come together to unite in prayer from Easter until Pentecost with a lot of it’s strength coming from the community of young adults. 

This is the third year Victoria has united in 52 days of prayer for their city. After seven years of a group of pastors coming together to pray this idea was birthed and has come under a united city organization called City Reach. An organizer gave me this update last week about how they sensed a call to fast for 10 days to wrap up this annual season of prayer together:

I can’t quite explain to you what’s happening here Daria, probably it’s because I’m in the midst of this, just moving along in obedience without much understanding…. It’s been an interesting 52 days, seems almost like a non-event because I’m not hearing reports. I think part of it is because it’s our third time around, so everyone know what to expect (I hope that’s the reason!)… I felt the spirit saying we need to ‘amp up’… Then one of the pastors began calling for a one day city-wide fast… And at the city prayer meeting we did discern that the Lord is calling to end this time with a fast and extended worship, so we reported this to the pastors, one of them especially embraced that and so… indeed they ‘amped up’!! and called a ten day fast!! From May 13-May 23. On top of that we are preparing to go non stop for 30 hours from May 21-22, of pure worship, declarations and intercession, felt a need to bring forth all the prophetic words given to us about Victoria, declare them, and with all the young adults who are now so on fire for God, we are believing new words are going to come forth, also fulfillment of old ones… 

What an incredible story- I would love to hear more stories like this coming from Canada and it sounds like they’re starting to happen through united prayer and city partnerships. I pray this inspires you and the work you’re doing through prayer in your city. 

For more info about Victoria, check out www.cityreach.ca

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