Purchase Deadline for S.H.O.P. today

The Saskatchewan House of Prayer is into their home stretch as they raise funds to purchase the wonderful building that is available to them.  Today is a deadline to raise all the funds.  One week from now on June 7th is the final decision day.

Please pray for the team there as they look to the Lord for the full amount to purchase the building outright.

Pray for all the money to come in.  You are of course welcome to donate to the cause.  Check out their website here.

They have produced a wonderful video talking about the ministry and the building that is available to them.

Check out the video here.

We love what SHOP (Saskatchewan House of Prayer) is doing as they pray for their provincial government, and many other strategic gateways for the province.  They have literally raised up a virtual House of Prayer over the whole region, city by city, town by town.

Their website is a great resource and a great model of what can be done provincially to saturate an area with prayer.

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