Reveal 19

   Our heart as a national ministry of prayer is to pray for God’s purposes on the earth.  We primarily find ourselves praying for the nation of Canada.  However, as friends will know, sometimes we find the Lord challenging us to pray for other nations and their governments.  For example, we prayed a lot for Haiti in the weeks after the January earthquake.  Even this week we have spent time praying again for Haiti, and also for Jamaica in the challenges it faces this week, and some of the other Caribbean nations, including Cuba. 

   When our prayer walking team was in Israel just a month ago they not only prayed for Jews, but also for Arabs, and also for the neighbouring countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.  Our director Rob Parker came to a revelation of Jesus as his Saviour in the middle of the Libyan desert, so he has always had a special place in his heart for Arab nations.

   It is with great interest therefore, that we hear of a special prayer conference coming up this summer hosted by Watchmen for the Nations entitled “Reveal 19”.  The title is based on the passage in Isaiah 19 which speaks about a future peaceful relationship between Arab nations and the Jews.  You can learn more about this conference on the Watchmen for the Nations website.

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