Freedom of Unity – Jeremiah Smith

Regular blog readers on this site will know that we have been linking to our team member Jeremiah Smith as he has been doing a 3 month term at a House of Prayer community in Jerusalem.  He’s nearing the end of his time there and continues to write insightful comments about his experience.  Here’s the latest …

Freedom of Unity

Someone recently said to me, “unity is easy when people are uniting with your vision.  It’s harder when you’re the one who needs to unite with someone else“.

Lately I’ve been learning a lot about unity, and what it actually entails.  Often we do not experience true unity, but rather a coerced unity.  Often unity is merely toeing the line.  In a ministry setting it might look like everyone agreeing with the “vision” of the “visionary”.  From the outside the ministry may look unified, however it can merely be an imposition of one’s will upon another.

Another example is in a marriage.  Let’s say the husband believes his wife should submit to his will.  To ensure this he dominates his wife, forcing her to agree.  From the outside there appears to be unity however, again, it is merely the forced imposition of one will upon another.

The true test of unity is this: what happens when people are given the freedom to disagree (or disobey)?  Unity cannot be coerced into being.  True unity is an issue of freedom.  Without freedom there cannot be true unity.

You can read more of Jeremiah’s thoughts on unity at his blogsite.

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