March For Life

by Richard Long,

  It was a perfect sunny day, compared to last year’s cold and rainy situation.  So, no surprise, there was an even larger turnout, estimated at 15,000 people which sets the record for a March for Life.  One M.P. remarked it was the largest crowd he had ever seen on The Hill.

  We were there with the prayer teams from Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario who are staying with us this week at the National House of Prayer.  For me it is the sense of joy that makes this event so life-affirming.  Its not just all the signs and placards.  It’s the large percentage of the crowd that is high school age or the young children playing with each other as they waved streamers to the sound of a lively worship band that makes my heart glad.

  Interestingly there are even some of the Mainstream Media who have decided to cover it this year.  That’s an answer to prayer.  And even more hopeful, there were 15,000 of us praying together today with a determined persistence that someday Canada will have an abortion law that will protect the lives of the unborn.

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One Response to March For Life

  1. This is great. Imagine if all those who believed as we do in the sanctity of life took a “message” and spread the word? This message is of choice. We have a choice. This choice is undeniable. It is simply – the egg is not dead. We choose life. What is the alternative?

    I am trying to send this “message” out….I hang the little picture up in our Planned Parenthood down here in Houston. It’s a simple story of life….and analogy that apperantly many on the opposing side refuse to embrace. Abortions are lucrative….why not messages of life?

    May God continue blessing you and yours and hope all is well!

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