National Prayer Breakfast

by Richard Long,

  Today was the day.  It’s always one of the highest moments of our year when we gather for a couple of hours with hundreds (perhaps close to 900) at the National Prayer Breakfast here in Ottawa.  It was the largest turnout ever, and in my opinion it was the best quality as well. 

The opening prayer was said by the Honourable Noel Kinsella Speaker of the Senate, another prayer for Canada was said by the Rt. Honourable Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and a closing prayer by a Lieutenant General Andrew Leslie.  Scriptures were read by the Honourable Stockwell Day, the Honourable Jack Layton, the Honourable John Mckay and Robert Bouchard M.P.

  The special guests were Cindy and Lisa Klassen who touched us deeply with their testimonies about God’s grace in the midst of great challenges.  They filled their stories with scriptural quotes.  Special music from Stephanie and Hannah Chung a mother and daughter duo on piano and violin.

  M.P. David Anderson, who has been chairing the event and also the weekly M.P. prayer breakfasts, was honoured for the 4 years that he has been organizing this event.  Each of these last years the event has grown in numbers and influence.

Our whole team is always encouraged so deeply by seeing so many parliamentarians honouring the Spirit of Jesus and the power of prayer.

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