Pray for Quebec: May focus

Below is the first part of the article by Daria Tomiuk, as she shares from her personal perspective, the need for prayer for the province of Quebec.

Praying for Quebec is the monthly focus for May on the Unite Canada 24-7-365-2010 effort.

  “I was born and raised just outside Montreal, became a Christian at 16 through a camp in Ontario and left for Bible college in Ontario when I was 17. Within a week of being at Bible college I sensed how different it was from Quebec. I had no idea, Montreal was all I ever knew. I would hear about the 0.5% (evangelical) Christian stats in province but when it’s all you know you think that is the way it is everywhere. That was when I committed to eventually moving back to Quebec- As hard as some people find it, I love it here and can’t imagine my life anywhere else.  

  Below is a video made by a good friend of mine, a personal story from another close friend who actually just left Montreal about a month ago and ministries to pray for in Quebec. If there is something you would like to add, please add a comment below.

   Personally, I ask you to pray for the church and ministry leaders in Quebec. First, that God would continue to give us strength and wisdom to live for Him in all we do and love the people around us. Second, That we could work together in unity for the Kingdom and third, that the fog would continue to lift and that the Holy Spirit would break through in every heart here.  

 This amazing video was made by my friend Cindy, highlighting ministry, people and places in Montreal which will certainly inspire you to pray for the city:!”

Read more about praying for Quebec on the Unite Canada 24-7-365-2010 website.

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