The Race of God’s Anointed Priests

by Richard Long,

This great poem/hymn was passed on to us from Cathy Coulson from Gibsons, B.C.  Hopefully you will see yourself within this piece.

The race of God’s anointed priests
Shall never pass away;
Before His glorious face they stand,
And serve Him night and day.

Though reason raves, and unbelief
Flows on, a mighty flood,
There are and shall be til the end,
The hidden priests of God.

His chosen souls, their earthly dross
Consumed in sacred fire,
To God’s own heart their hearts ascend
In flame of deep desire;

The incense of their worship fills
His Temple’s holiest place;
Their song with wonder fills the Heavens,
The glad new song of grace.

~Gerhard Tersteegen~

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