Praying Every Night in Regina

Here’s a report via Daria Tomiuk on the Unite Canada 24-7-365-2010 website… about a week of prayer that started on April 22nd.

Last week the 24-7 community in Regina prayed every night from 7-10pm. Below is an update from Nate, the 24-7 regional leader, about how the week went. Read and be inspired by all they prayed for and how they worshipped every day together. AMAZING! 

We had a fantastic rhythm of prayer last week.  It seemed like a very busy week but the Lord blessed us for our obedience. Each night was different but yet they seemed connected. I wanted to send out some brief highlights!

Monday– This evening we focused on praying for God’s Kingdom and will to be done on earth!

Tuesday– We focused on the underground church in Vietnam most of the evening. (This was a result of the urgent prayer requests we’d received)

Wednesday– We focused on families and unity among the family of God

Thursday– We spent this evening swimming in the depths of contemplative/meditation prayer. It was a powerful evening!

Friday–  We prayed about the church waking up and moving in healing. Towards the end of the night we prayed through some issues involving our aboriginal people.

Saturday– We had a fantastic night of prophetic worship and holy laughter! We spent the evening lifting up our aboriginal reservations and praying through some significant provincial issues. The theme of the night was- “The God who sits in heaven and laughs at the plans of man.” Gods holy laughter broke out and we were there an extra hour!

Sunday– We ended our rhythm with another prophetic/worship driven night. We mainly used the Pa Pa drum and felt like the Lord was calling our city/His people to play a new rhythm. We all really felt breakthrough in Regina and that the Lord is calling us into new things- all we need to do is step out!

As you can see we had a great week! I want to thank the faithful people who came out- you will be blessed.

Lets pray as if it all depends on God and live as if it all depends on us!

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