Maternal Health at the G-8

by Rob Parker

   As many of you are aware, March 23rd the Liberal Party put forward a motion to include access to abortion in the proposed aid package to developing nations in the upcoming G-8 and G-20 meetings in Ontario this summer. This issue is known to be extremely divisive among Canadians and carried with it the potential of even dividing our government. When we were made aware of this motion we, and other ministries, mustered as much prayer as we could. That evening’s parliamentary vote saw a government completely united, yet there were three dissenters in the Liberal Party and fourteen Liberal members who didn’t show up for the vote. All in all, the motion was defeated by 144 to 138 and it was therefore agreed upon that abortion would not be included in the maternal health aid package.

   Despite the fact that the motion was defeated, it continues to dominate questions in the House of Commons. Now pressure from the media and other voices are accusing the Conservatives of a ‘double standard’ approach to health care, ie agreeing that abortion is part of maternal health in Canada but not outside of Canada in developing nations. Liberal Deputy leader, Bob Rae accused the government of being inconsistent on maternal health, arguing Conservative MPs should “clear the air” by supporting the motion and “making it very clear that we are not going to allow ideology to trump science.” Different newscasters have reacted saying that our government is seeking to rule with morality, or as one reporter stated: “access to abortion is a human right, beyond whatever sanctimonious moral code imposed by religion or philosophy”.

   As I pray in Question Period it is disheartening, to say the least, to hear various M.P.s trivialize the life of the unborn. One becomes awakened to see how secular we have become and how far we have strayed from God in this nation, and all of this, just as I begin to entertain the idea that maybe we do have a nation that could possibly be used of God to bring healing to other nations. Rather than being used to help bring health and wholeness to these nations, we could end up adding significantly to the already forty-two million abortions that happen annually, according to the U.N. statistics.

    I find myself praying for various M.P.s who demand the rights of women over their own bodies in these developing nations. I do not intend to go into all the debate around this issue, but no doubt these leaders are buying into the idea that an unborn child is simply tissue that is part of the woman’s body until it is born. Yet it is science that has stated that an unborn child from the time of its conception has the full complement of its own DNA in the form of forty-six chromosomes which makes the child a unique human being. One would think that it would be obvious that this sets the child apart from the DNA of the mother and therefore should be seen as not part of her body but as a human being who should have rights.

    We want to encourage you to be diligent in prayer for this issue and for the upcoming G-8 and G-20 meetings. We have been told that there are many more Christians in our government than there ever has been in our nation’s history. Perhaps because of this fact, God may be opening the door to deal with this issue in our own nation. If He is opening this door, then God help us if we turn a disinterested back on this issue. Remember, there are many M.P.s of various parties who stand for the rights of the unborn. Pray for God to strengthen their stand and that the pressures of a few would not over-rule the democratic process that has already been achieved through a House of Commons vote on March 23rd. Also, pray that our government would not yield to pressures from outside of our nation, for example, from the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s agenda on Family Planning and the Obama administration.

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One Response to Maternal Health at the G-8

  1. elizabeth43 says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed on this issue, I will keep the G8 and G20 meetings in my prayers.

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