Awaken 2010 – May 7,8 in Edmonton

by Richard Long,

We encourage all our friends in the Edmonton area to get out to the St. Albert Alliance church for Awaken 2010 which is being sponsored by the House of Prayer Edmonton.

Awaken 2010

Jesus asked ‘how is it that you don’t know how to interpret the present time?’ (Luke 12:56). All through the Body of Christ, believers are experiencing a growing restlessness and sense of urgency about the days in which we live.

 Awaken 2010 is a gathering of people who are feeling a hunger for something more, and who see the need to respond with a change in the way they live.

 It is about being awakened by Jesus’ call to all of us, about responding to the Holy Spirit’s stirring, with a lifestyle devoted to worship and prayer, fasting and giving— a ‘Sermon on the Mount’ lifestyle.  ‘Sermon on the Mount’ living is not reserved for an exclusive group of radical people.
Jesus’ desire is that ALL believers are continually filled with the Holy Spirit and that we would live lives filled with worship, prayer, fasting and giving.

 If you hear Jesus’ invitation, then it’s time to respond… it’s time to awaken.

Check out all the information here.

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