Final Report from the 5 Smooth Stones (Part 2)

by Rob Parker,

One New Man

We felt that God had us regularly intercede for the ‘One New Man’ of Jew and Gentile to become more and more impacted in these days. Even prior to this journey the prayer of Jesus in John 17:20-23 began to bring even a greater clarity to this call. We called out for the various congregations of believers across Israel to be blessed in all their evangelism efforts; that there would be a great ingathering of souls, Jew and Gentile, in these days.

There were days that we found ourselves prayer-walking through Arab villages and felt the anointing of compassion to see God bring a release of revelation to these people concerning Jesus. I particularly felt a strong need to pray for an outpouring of revival in the city of Nazareth.

We were very impacted by the various ministries that were reaching the ‘One New Man’ throughout Israel. It was awesome for us to connect, (via Annie Elliott’s team) to a ministry called ‘Living Bread’ which reaches many Arab people in Jericho and in the Gaza region. Also, the ministry of Pastor David Davis and those who walk with him in the Haifa region and the amazing work in this regard through Pastor Avi Mizrachi of the Tel Aviv area.

Prayer for Local Intercessors

It was great for our team to connect with many local intercessors. We were under no illusion that we were doing something that no-one else was doing. Clearly, there are many in Israel who are regularly calling out for the people of this land. We felt like ‘reinforcements’ for any who are a bit wearied in their prayer journey and felt honoured to be able stand next to so many precious people who have literally laid down their lives to intercede.

Prayer for the pray(ers) is something that we need to continue to remember. Our prayers for them can help to ‘hold up their hands’ so that informed and strategic intercession would continue and even increase in Israel. We also felt that God was linking Houses of Prayer in Israel with those of Canada and United States.

Military Emphasis

Because of our involvement in the Military Christian Fellowship back here in Canada we found ourselves on many occasions praying for the Israeli Defence Forces. It is mandatory for all Israeli youth to serve for 3 years for the young men and 2 years for the young women. Reports tell of the great amount of partying; abortions on demand; and the extreme secular mindset within the military. Because of the days that we are in, we prayed that any possible hostility against Israel would be used of God to shake out a secular mindset and draw these young men and women to Christ. God even gave us a couple of opportunities to pray directly for soldiers which they whole-heartedly welcomed from us.

Canadian First People’s Perspective

Dwayne Flamond, who is a Metis from Roblin, Manitoba, felt that he gained much personal hope from the example of how the Jews built this nation out of the ash heap of oppression. In the same way that First Peoples had been oppressed by the Church, so had Jewish people, and now seeing Israel as a strong nation, Duane felt full of hope that Canada’s First Peoples can also rise up to become a strong and valuable part of Canada.

In Conclusion

I believe that our time on this assignment has been life-changing. I think I can say on behalf of all of the Canadian participants that this was a life-changing event and we all have a new perspective of prayer for the Land of Israel and the Middle East. I just want to thank everyone who helped to cover us in prayer and also for those who felt to sow financially into this assignment. A special thanks to Annie Elliott and her team of prayer-warriors who were such an encouragement.

As we walked to the Egyptian border at Eilat, I began to wonder if God would want us, or someone like us, to prayer-walk in Egypt, or Syria, or even Iran. I believe we are entering days that God will look for specific end-time strategies of intercession to literally ‘pray in’ God’s revealed purposed for the nations.

Thanks for standing with us as we completed this assignment in Israel.

In Christ,

Rob Parker, National House of Prayer

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