Praying about a new Governor General

Rideau Hall: Who will live here next?

by Richard Long,

   As a national ministry our main mandate is to raise up effective prayer for our federal government.  The Governor General is a crucial position in our Parliamentary system.  Some might question that statement, but if you have been following the challenges of our last two minority governments, you will know that the Honourable Michaelle Jean has been faced with some crucial constitutional decisions.  On top of that it is a very significant role that can be a huge blessing to many people.  Think of how Michaelle Jean has mobilized relief for the Haitian earthquake survivors, and the impact of her current African nation tour.

   So … knowing that her term is coming to it’s normal end, and having seen the signal that it will not be extended, we need to be praying about the next choice.  Governor Generals are appointed by the Prime Minister of the day, in consultation with his Privy Council.  The media has been floating some interesting names in the last few weeks.  There are also campaigns for various people, on Facebook and in other ways.  (Personally I believe this kind of lobbying is counter-productive, because the government will not want it to look like they caved in to a pressure campaign.)

  Bottom Line:  Let’s pray for Stephen Harper and his advisors that they will be given divine guidance as they choose the next Governor General.

It will be very interesting to see who it is!

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