New Rotation at the Parliament Prayer Post

By Richard Long,

Today we start all over again at the letter “A”.  Yes.  We have prayed through all 308 M.P.s and 105 Senators through our daily website that is dedicated to helping you pray for those in authority here in Canada.  After more than 400 posts we are now back to the beginning.  That means that today we are praying for Jim Abbott, M.P. for Kootenay-Columbia in B.C.

Each day we give you a new profile that has been researched by our team.  A big “Thank You” is owed to my wife Terry, former staff intern Megan MacQuin, and also to Jeremiah Smith for their co-labours with me on making this happen.  On average, as we got better at it, each profile took about a half hour to research and write.  So that’s over 200 man hours of work that went into our first round.

Please consider checking out the Parliament Prayer Post every day so that you can consistently pray for all our parliamentarians.

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