The Journey of Hope: Winnipeg – April 23

We have been praying and encouraging the team that has been traveling around the nation, getting the word out about The Forgiveness Summit.  Even if you cannot be in Winnipeg this coming Friday, you can catch it on a live streaming video from the official website. 

These guys (and gals) need our prayers.  Their schedule is exhausting and it seems that new meetings and new venues get added regularly.  We see this firsthand because some members of the team actually are living onsite with us at NHOP this Spring.  It’s a good thing most of them are young, because the demands are enormous.  They often arrive back late at night and in another day they are up again before dawn and on their way to the airport to head for another city.

So … pray for them as they head for Winnipeg tomorrow.  May the Lord give them great favour and bring out everyone who needs to hear the message of forgiveness.  May the word be amplified all over first nations territories in Manitoba and may the Spirit of God pour out grace so that our first peoples would be able to forgive and be healed.

Here’s the poster for the event at  Thunderbird House.

Here’s the official website with many resources.

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