Update from Eilat, Israel – 5 Smooth Stones

(This update arrived this morning from Rob Parker.  We have also added some new material to the blog back on April 12)

We are now in Eilat and Fran and I are just back from a 2 hour prayer-walk @ the Jordanian border. We all still sense a need of vigilance and not to completely let up on our prayers till we are back.

We are planning to visit with some Chinese believers who are employed here as labourers. We hope to get refreshed and bring encouragements.

We are very thankful for the R&R here; we all need to unwind a bit.

Some prayer requests:

1. For us to finish well, we’ve felt upheld and in the favour of God continually, praise Him with us!

2. Marney Blom has been filming over the course of our prayer-walk. Please pray for her and the reports she is preparing concerning the walk. (Check out her website, Acts News Network.)

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