Poland needs our prayers today

Polish Parliament Buildings

by Richard Long,

   As you will know if you have turned on your radio or TV today, Poland is in a state of national mourning.  They have lost their president and his wife, and 95 others of their top leadership today when they all perished in a plane disaster.

Let us lift up the families of these leaders as they grieve this huge loss.  May the whole nation experience the grace and comfort of the God of all comfort over these next days.  Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and  a revelation of their Saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ.

 As you consider how to pray specifically, imagine if our nation had lost so many high level leaders in one day and how hard it would be to recover from that tragedy.  May the Lord give wisdom and understanding to the Prime Minister and his government.

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One Response to Poland needs our prayers today

  1. spiritfilledcanada says:

    I write a blog called Spirit Filled Canada. It can be found at http://spiritfilledcanada.wordpress.com
    I have a link to National House of Prayer.
    I would like to add this blog as well.
    Also I would like permission to reprint this request on my blog.
    Poland is particularly in my heart as I went there on a mission trip two years ago. I am planning to return this summer.
    Thank you,

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