Pray for new and former Minister for Status of Women

by Richard Long,

  With today’s announcement about the resignation of Helena Guergis from the Cabinet we would encourage some targetted prayers for our government.

1. Pray for Ms. Guergis as this has been an extremely difficult time in her life both professionally and privately.  She will need the support of friends and family at a time when she is being humiliated in the press.  She has also been asked to remove herself from the Conservative Caucus which will mean a measure of isolation when she walks back into Parliament this coming Monday.  Pray for her relationship with her husband – Rahim Jaffer as well.

2. Pray for Prime Minister Stephen Harper as he considers who should be the choice among the women in his Conservative Caucus to be elevated to the vacant role of Minister of State for the Status of Women.  There are a number of women who are emerging in the ranks who could get the nod, but pray for wisdom for the PM as he makes this choice.

3. Pray for whoever this next Cabinet minister will be, as they will certainly stepping into a charged atmosphere.  May they experience the grace of God for the challenges ahead.

By the way, we feature a different Parliamentarian on our Parliament Prayer Post every day, and give some prayer points each time.

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One Response to Pray for new and former Minister for Status of Women

  1. Thank you for this prayer request guideline that is so full of grace!

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