Report from the Judean Wilderness

The voice said “Cry out!” and I said, “What shall I cry? … Lift up your voice with strength, lift it up, be not afraid; say to the cities of Judah, “Behold your God.” (Isaiah 40:6-9)

We’ve only 3-4 more walking days and then some strategic stuff within Jerusalem.

Last night we were honoured to meet with Annie Elliot and her team of prayer-warriors. The team had just arrived and we enjoyed eating supper and fellowshipping with them. We shared some of our story and they in turn prayed for our feet; it was an awesome reunion as we personally knew at least 3/4’s of the people! More of these kinds of teams are needed where people are more prepared to give than to take from this land.

We approached Masada today along  a secondary road which comes up behind the old fortress. It was very quiet due to only a few vehicles and so made for an incredible time of prayer-walking through the Judean wilderness. This was probably our most restful day and we were anticipating that this would have been our hottest day yet. For the whole time we were walking we enjoyed cloud cover which provided wonderful air-conditioning for the whole walk! Three eagles decided to join us for close to an hour which coincided with at least 3 separate people feeling that Isaiah 40:28-30 was applying for us today!

Intercession has been both a battle and at times flowing easily. We’ve had to not worry when we didn’t have the exact prayers/scriptures and direction to pray into. At those times, simply walking this out in obedience seems to lead us to the next breakthrough.

One amazing time of intercession was in the Valley of Elah where David conquered Goliath. We went to the very creek bed that David selected his 5 smooth stones to defeat Goliath. As you know, we felt led to call this assignment ‘5 Smooth Stones’ and we have brought 5 representative stones of remembrance from Canada. Here we read the story from 1 Sam. 17 and began to pray into the anti-Semitism that continues to plague the Jews. Miraculously, out in the middle of nowhere, a Jewish man, accompanied by his son and daughter, stood quietly witnessing our reading of the passage and our beginning of intercession. Their presence seemed to bring it all to a deeper place of meaning; tears began to flow. Michael Pierce and Fran particularly led this precious time. We ended by bringing a ‘Shout’ of Jesus just as they had shouted for victory in David’s day.

Today one of our special moments happened when Rob Jr. picked up some sand in the Judean desert, sprinkled it on his Bible, and read one of the Scriptures/prayers that the Lord gave us at the beginning, which has been a constant refrain of the team – Jer. 22:29, “O land, land, land, hear the word of the Lord.”

 It’s amazing here to be one minute praying for the young men and women of the IDF (for example), and the next you are praying for a 12 year old shepherd as he rides next to us on his donkey!

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3 Responses to Report from the Judean Wilderness

  1. deldon says:

    Hooray!! You’re in our former ‘hometown’ of Beersheva!! Also Masada, Arad, Dimona, the Negev, all our ‘old stomping grounds’. We’ve been following all postings with great interest, and all news items, as well. How are the feet and all holding up? Are looking forward to hearing all about it. We’re mtg tomorrow night to pray again. Loved the pics with ‘new friends’. May there be many such connections made. D&D

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