Report from Day 3 of the Prayer Walk in Israel

Today was much better as far as blisters and sore muscles. Our prayers seemed to hit the mark and perhaps all of this was due to an awesome time of worship and prayer we had with Michael and Floryn Gertsman last night. In that time, Michael felt led to pray that the ‘gates’ of this region would be open to us.

We began our day leaving from the Gertsman’s house in Poriya with our 20 km point, Mt. Tabor on the horizon. Mt. Tabor is the traditional site of the transfiguration which just happens to be our reading in our One Year Bible tomorrow.

Marney Blom joined us to film and document our walk today. We found her and her crew ‘popping up’ everywhere along the route. It’s awesome to see her at work in Israel and we believe God is about to give her many of His assignments for the people of this land.

After leaving Mt. Tabor we found ourselves on a detour which took us through two Arab villages before reaching our 30 km destination of Nazareth. Here, like the last two days, we had planned to walk the ‘National Trail’ but it seems that God wants us right among the people and not hidden away on some backwoods trail! So we found ourselves pressing in for the gospel to reach these communities and that the ‘One New Man’ of Ephesians 2 would become more and more manifested in these days.

Last night we were told that Tom Hess’s wife had a dream in which she saw 24 people prayer-walking through the streets of Nazareth and it resulting in revival breaking out. We’re pretty sure she had heard nothing of our walk which really motivated our prayers to press in for the believers of Nazareth that the Spirit of God would profoundly move in their city. (Tom Hess runs the All Nations House of Prayer in Jerusalem).

Tomorrow we begin our journey right down the Valley of Armageddon to Haifa, (or Mt. Carmel). We really value your prayers that we would have clear direction of how God wants us to pray into this strategic strip of land.

Thanks for all your prayers,

    Rob, Fran and the Team.

(If you would like to receive the prayer points that are not included in this report, please send a request to asking to be subscribed to the “5 Smooth Stones” prayer update.)


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