24-6 Prayer at Ashburnham Place, UK

by Richard Long

   Georgina Micklewright reports below on the 24-6 prayer effort going on at this well known retreat centre in the U.K.  I believe we are going to see more and more Christian camps and retreats centres begin to dedicate some of their space for prayer over the next few years.  The Boomer generation are finally starting to value the contemplative tradition and beginning to look for space to get aside with God. 

“As 24-7 is celebrating it’s 10th birthday, so Ashburnham Christian Trust is celebrating its Golden Jubilee. Hear how you can get involved in their vision for continuous prayer:

Ashburnham Place has been the site of a Christian Prayer and Conference Centre since 1960. We may be 50 but we haven’t grown old, and just like 24-7, we are looking forward to all that God will do through us in the next 50 years!

During this time, countless numbers of people have visited the beautiful grounds and community of Ashburnham Place to seek God and to pray. In the 1970s and 80s there was an attempt to begin 24-7 prayer but this was not sustained.

In recent years, God has been reminding us of that calling and has given us a fresh vision and a dynamic model to gather together to move towards 24/6 continuous gathered prayer. Our main calling is to pray for the nations, many of which are represented here by our international team.

We began in May 2008, praying just 36 hours a week, this has gradually increased to between 80 and 120 hours a week. Each prayer hour is led by members of the community who make up the staff team. All hours are open and we are frequently joined by visitors, either those coming here has guests, or from the local area. The praying is interactive, creative, multi-faceted, focused and Spirit-led. Over the New Year period we prayed in the New Year for every nation on this planet. We are planning some specifically focused weeks during 2010.”

Read the rest of the article …

Learn more about Ashburnham Place.

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