Wall Comin’ Down – Jeremiah Smith

(This blog comes from Jeremiah Smith, a member of our NHOP team who is currently doing a 3 month term at  a 24-7 House of Prayer in Jerusalem.)

I took this picture a few days ago.  What you see is the separating wall between Israel and the West Bank.  The wall is only a few kilometers outside Jerusalem, which makes the Israel/Palestine conflict very real, and very close.

Israel erected the wall around 2006.  It has been highly controversial, and there are certainly two sides of opinion.  From the Israeli viewpoint it provides protection.  There has not been a single suicide bombing since the wall was constructed.  However from the Palestinian viewpoint it is another move to segregate the Palestinian (Arab) population.

Interestingly enough, for the most part, I think most people in Israel (Jews, Arabs, Palestinians, foreigners), just want to live in peace.  It is the extremist minorities in Israel, on all sides, that maintain the conflict and violence.  As well, the foreign media often portrays news from that minority viewpoint, creating a false picture of conditions in Israel.

That said, I’ve found myself asking the question, “what should be my stance? My viewpoint?”  Ultimately I think many Christians become trapped in the politics of man.  People become pro-Israel, or pro-Palestinian without actually knowing the real circumstances.  Should we not rather choose the politics of the Kingdom?  What does that look like here in Israel?  I think it means being people who transcend the “political”.  It means we love the Jews, the Arabs, the Muslims, the Secularist.  We overcome the hatred and animosity with the love of Christ.

Walls are constructed out of fear.  Only the “perfect love” of Jesus which “casts out all fear”, can overcome the obstacles here.


  Jeremiah Smith

(Read more of his blog here.  Check out his youtube video and insights about Palm Sunday)

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