Hello from Israel. We hope this will be the first of a daily update for all of you who are following the prayer walk.

Upon our arrival in Tel Aviv, we were met by Simantov Allalouf, an Israeli who grew up in Canada but returned to live in Israel 12 years ago. Some of you may know him – he attended TACF for many years. Simantov kindly agreed to be our driver while we are here. But he has already become much more than our driver, also our guide to the ways of the people here, and has helped us to connect Scripture with the places we are visiting. We were also welcomed into the land by a number of leaders who prayed for God’s blessing as we join the body here in Israel in praying for God’s purposes to be accomplished. Many here are feeling that this prayer-walk is an intricate part of God’s plan, not only for Israel but also for Canada.  (I will bless those who bless you…) As a team we also feel the significance of the timing. Today is the first day of our walk and it is the eve of Passover. Our prayer focus is “Prepare the way of the Lord,” and so we pray that all throughout the land the people will have a revelation of the Messiah as they celebrate Passover.

 We started the day at a lookout in Metula, on the border of Lebanon, where we prayed and blew the shofar.  Metulla is famous for having the only ice rink in all of Israel which was built by Canadians and therefore, we felt obliged to begin “at centre ice!”

 We found it very peaceful starting our 6-hour walk mostly because we didn’t feel pressure to pray. We knew we were walking in obedience and revelation would come as we stepped out. One passage that came to mind was Jeremiah 22:29, “O land, land, land, hear the word of the Lord.” We were feeling the need to ‘connect’ with the land of Israel as we walked.  We felt the strong impression to pray over the land to Prepare for the coming of Christ. That as the land of Israel comes into alignment to the timing of God, every other nation will begin to come into its end-time destiny.

If you would like to receive the Prayer Points that are being sent out to those who have indicated their interest, please send a short note to info@nhop.ca asking for the 5 Smooth Stones prayer update.

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