Pic of Prayer Weekend in Picton, Ont.

by Richard Long,

  “A Promise Made is a Promise Kept” 

When Terry and I were in Picton on the weekend I had asked the crowd on the first night to give a wave to my camera and I promised they would be on our blog.  These many people came from far and wide in the Quinte region and we loved being with them through till this afternoon.

  Interesting to me was that our biggest crowd was on a cool, wet, Saturday afternoon, the exact time period I figured would be least attended!  We spent that afternoon giving thanks for all God’s blessings, using Terry’s flower power idea.  That is – we were all given a flower and as we removed each petal, gave thanks for something in our lives.  It had to be “petal-worthy” to use a phrase coined at a Hamilton Pastors’ Retreat last year.

  People were deeply touched on Saturday afternoon as we realized how good God has been to all of us.  This morning we had the mayor and his wife with us and their presence was very touching for all of us.  His years of service were recognized by the local pastoral leadership and he and his wife were prayed for.  Most telling was his wife’s comment.  “I only wish we had been prayed for like this when we began.”

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