We’re in Picton, Ontario

by Richard Long,

   Members of our team are out and about this weekend.  Rob & Fran, our directors are speaking at an ICCC conference in Calgary. That’s the International Christian Chamber of Commerce Canadian chapter.  Terry and I are delighted to be in Picton, Ontario which is about 3 hours south and west from Ottawa in the beautiful Bay of Quinte region.  Our weekend meetings are being held in the First Baptist Church, so we were welcomed by Pastor Dennis Pringle, but we are also hosted by Dave and Marg Gingrich (Gospel Crusade of Canada), in whose lovely home we are staying and it is Marg who has organized this training weekend for intercessors for the region.  The theme is “It’s Time” and we sense it is time for the spirit of supplication to come upon the believers in the area.  Pray for a move of the Holy Spirit this weekend!

(By the way, for those who have been to NHOP, this is also the region that one of our Prayer Missionaries comes from, and she was out tonight though it was a 30 km drive from Trenton where she resides.  I am of course talking about Joan Jones, who looks forever young and certainly her spirit and her prayers are still full of youthful energy.)

I took a picture of the almost full church tonight with everyone waving and promised to post it on this blog but I forgot to bring my transfer cable, so for now the pic of downtown Picton will have to suffice.

If you live in the area, we are doing training sessions at 9:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 7:00 PM tomorrow, and also a joint service on Sunday morning.

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