Memoria Dei

by Richard Long,

I have been doing much reflecting on this quote from Joan Chittister about the awareness of God that she found in the Rule of Benedict.

“Humility, the Rule of Benedict teaches, requires first and foremost what the ancients called the memoria dei, ‘the awareness of God’, at all times, in all places, at the center of things.  It is so easy in a patriarchal society to make ourselves gods of the tiny little kingdom we occupy.   We climb very small ladders and then assume we have risen to the heights of our humanity.  The realization that God is god and that we are not requires serious reflection…  Unlike everything else in  a patriarchal world, God, according to the Rule of Benedict, is not a goal to be reached; God is a presence to be recognized.”

So … like that other ancient writing, “Practicing the Presence of God” this is a discipline that our Western minds need to cultivate.  Living in an awareness of God.  Keeping God in mind at all times.  Memoria Dei.

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