Pray for the Honourable Justice Frank Iacobucci

by Richard Long,

   The central topic in Question Period over the last few sessions has been the ongoing questions about the transfer of Afghan detainees, their alleged torture, and how much the military and or the government knew about this probability .   

   The government has appointed a retired Supreme Court judge – Frank Iacobucci who has a reputation as a wise and un-biased examiner to convene an independant inquiry into the matter.  He will need great wisdom and divine help to get to the bottom of all the rumours and allegations.  That’s where intercession comes in.  He needs help.  From Above.  Let’s pray that the wisdom that comes from above would give him understanding and boldness to discover the truth.  The last thing our military needs is this cloud of doubt hanging over their heads.  We also need the House of Commons to get on with other matters.

Here’s an interesting article by Peter Worthington about Justice Frank Iacobucci.

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