A New Adventure for Jeremiah Smith

by Terry Long

      Today is the day that we say good-bye to Jeremiah as he embarks on a three month adventure to Israel.  There he will be serving on staff at the Succat Hallel, a 24/7  House of Prayer in Jerusalem.  Jeremiah will leave large hole here at the National House of Prayer and in our communal family.   Jeremiah came to us as a Nazarite intern,  graduated through the  program and then returned to serve on staff with us.    We have all enjoyed Jeremiah on our team as an awesome worship leader, man of prayer and a gifted communicator of the heart of God.    God has miraculously provided for Jeremiah to be able to go to Israel.  Please pray for his safety, protection and continued provision of resources and finances. Please also pray that he will have a deep and rich experience and that he will return to Canada with an even larger heart, passion and vision for the Lord and His kingdom.      We know that Jerusalem will be receiving a blessing in Jeremiah and we will miss him.   To see where Jeremiah is going, please check out the Succat Hallel website here:  Succat Hallel    Good-bye Big Red…and watch out for the sausages!

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