Saskatchewan House Of Prayer

   Here it is!  This is the new building that was purchased this week for the Saskatchewan House of Prayer in Regina.  We rejoice with Patricia Fraser, Richard and Joanne Lepp and all the team! Let us all be praying for them as they now will be relying on the Lord for His generous provision.   If you would like more information on how you can support them please see their website:

Please read their official release below:

For three years, Saskatchewan House of Prayer has been digging a deep foundation by establishing solid core values and building a virtual House of Prayer throughout Saskatchewan.   In January of 2007, eight Christians began meeting twice a week to wait upon and to seek the Lord Jesus Christ for the strategy of rallying the province to purposeful, consecrated and connected prayer.  Part of the original vision was to purchase an actual house in our provincial capital where the communication hub and administration would be, as well as a place for training, mentoring, and 24/7 worship and prayer unto the Lord.    We are excited to make known that this week we have finalized the purchase of the house at 3118 Albert Street, Regina, SK which in June will become our:

  • · on-going administrative operation;
  • · base from which to inspire, to mentor, to mobilize and to train all manner of prayer;
  • · central hub from which to communicate and network with people of prayer from all over Saskatchewan;

 The house is in close proximity to the Provincial Legislative Building for ongoing prayer teams from around Saskatchewan to come, to meet with their MLA, to sit in session and to enjoy a personal prayer retreat.  As many Christian denominations walk and work together, this is a desired sign of unity as we focus upon Jesus and pray for His glory to fill our land.  We are walking in relationship with National House of Prayer and other leaders of Houses of Prayer in Canada.

 Thank you Lord!

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