2010 Vancouver Olympics

Today, the beginning of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, is a day long-awaited for.  Athletes have spent time training & preparing, hoping to attain a coveted medal position.  As well, spectators from around the world will be descending on Vancouver or tuning in via television, radio or the internet.

As the Olympics start today it gives us, Christian Canadians not only the opportunity to cheer on Team Canada (especially our amazing hockey team!), but also presents us with the opportunity to pray.

Some Helpful Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the different Christian organizations that will be active during the Olympics (More Than Gold, Billy Graham Association etc.).
  • Pray that illegal activity would be revealed and brought to justice (human trafficking, violence, corruption).
  • Pray for the many Churches in and around the Vancouver area.  Pray that they would have wisdom and insight in how to bring glory to Christ during the games (outreach opportunities, hospitality, prayer).
  • As the world cheers the heights of human achievement, pray that we would not lose sight of humanities spiritual depravity and need of saving grace through Christ Jesus.
  • Pray that the poor in the Vancouver area would not be forgotten due to the Olympic hype.

For some more information check out the More Than Gold website.

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