Latest Prayer Bulletin from the VOPN

by Richard Long

There are now over 350 intercessors praying for the Olympics using the regular prayer bulletins we send out.

Below is an excerpt from this week’s edition …

Prayer for the Ministry Teams:

1.       The team that has been doing 24-7 worship in Whistler are still praying for a breakthrough for a good place.  Let’s pray for an amazing provision, and also strong protection over them, as they have experienced a lot of spiritual warfare in the last little while.

2.       The Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) group sent out a special request for protection and provision for their many artists.  Specifically they ask us to pray for the wife of one of the artists who is suffering with depression.  She feels like this is an attack as it has come upon her just as her husband is preparing to come and serve in the More Than Gold (MTG) endeavour. Also they ask us to pray for Stephanie (who is arranging a visual arts venue for CAPA in the downtown Eastside) and has felt very under attack.  In fact, she has just lost her place to live.  Let’s continue to hold Russ & Sandi Rosen up in our prayers as they coordinate this huge effort of hundreds of artists.

3.       Let’s continue to pray that the local churches would come out and support the CAPA events ….not only the free concerts, but that the Christians would “catch the vision” and would support the ticketed concerts as well.

4.       Pray for the 48 prayer leaders who are coming to a North American Prayer Summit from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.  Pray for ease of travel, for good health, and for a great synergy as they meet at Barnabas Family Ministries on Keats Island from Feb. 10-14.  Isn’t God good in sending in these wonderful prayer leaders at the front end of this prayer campaign?  Pray for Sara Maynard the local host, and Murray Dodds the Canadian host as they facilitate the meetings.

5.       Please uphold the formation team who have been working to bring about the International Prayer Centre on Keats Island.  Pray for Rob Bentall, Pete Carlson, Dave Carson, Greg Duskin, Evelyn Erickson, Michael Gray, Jon Raibley and myself – Richard Long.  We have all had some major spiritual attacks over the last few weeks, either on facilities, computer equipment, communications, serious health issues, and family members.  We are all up for the battle, but we need protection from needless casualties.  We are asking you to pray for us specifically that we would be “hidden” from the enemy during these crucial next 3 weeks or so.

6.       Pray for Athletes in Action as they marshal over 100 workers into the midst of things this coming week.  They will be speaking at youth outreaches, helping the homeless, and in general sharing the love of Christ with everyone we come in contact with during the Olympics. Also seven of their chaplains are involved in the official chaplaincy work under David Wells.  Pray for Kari Yli-Renko the National Director and his core team: Graham Roxburgh, Doug Pollock, Cheryl Jantzen, and Monica Kay. (We will bring more specific prayer requests from AiA to your attention during the actual Olympic dates.)

 If you are interested in joining the Vancouver Olympic Prayer Network please send a note to me at  We will send you the prayer updates only for the next 3 weeks.

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One Response to Latest Prayer Bulletin from the VOPN

  1. Thank you for these updates. They are very important. This work will gather momentum.
    Judith Davies from Ottawa now in Regina SK

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