4th Annual Prayer Vigil for the Canadian Military

(picture from last year's Vigil)

by Richard Long,

   It was COLD.  How cold was it?  Well even after we layered up, put on two pairs of socks, and wore our warm boots, my toes were frozen 45 minutes later.  But hey, there were about 45 others there to huddle with on the steps of the Parliament in -13 Celsius weather.  Not including wind chill.

Highlights.  The first prayers led by the Chaplain General David Kettle who mentioned each of the top brass by name and position in his strong intercession.   The story told by a young girl how she and her family baked cookies and made cards which were sent to helicopter pilots in Afghanistan and deeply touched their hearts.  The Lord’s Prayer said in French by M.P. Royal Galipeau when spontaneously asked to come to the microphone.  Prayers said for the nations of Aghanistan and Haiti where we have such a strong presence.

And … we were so encouraged by the long list of other communities from coast to coast who were simultaneously praying across Canada tonight.

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