Forgiving Haiti’s Debt

by Richard Long,

Awhile ago I joined a facebook group petition to urge countries to entirely eliminate the debt that Haiti owes on the world financial scene.

So I am encouraged that our Finance Minister Jim Flaherty made a strong statement today to other nations, that not only should they forgive Haiti it’s current monetary debts but that all financial aid in the future should come in the form of grants and not loans.

“Haiti’s future must be focused on the priorities of its people, not on the liabilities of its past,” Flaherty told the government’s daily briefing on Canada’s earthquake-relief efforts.

Let’s pray that this push would really find traction especially in Taiwan and Venezuela, where so much of their debt is now held.  This is just one way of helping Haiti to regain it’s future but it is a significant measure.

Here’s an article on what the Honourable Jim Flaherty said today …

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