Who’s participating in Unite Canada?

by Richard Long,

It is really encouraging to see the growing number of prayer ministries and Christian groups who are officially partnering with Unite Canada: 24-7-365-2010.  Here’s the website

The list has grown over the first 3 weeks!

Check them out below … all 25 of them.

24-7 Prayer Canada – www.24-7prayer.ca

National House of Prayer, Ottawa – www.nhop.ca

One Way Ministries – www.onewayministries.ca

Alpha Canada – www.alphacanada.org

Faith Works Center – www.faithworkscenter.org

Breakthrough Prayer Ministry (Power to Change) – www.breakthroughprayer.com

Connecting Streams Women’s Ministry (Power to Change) – www.connectingstreams.com

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) – www.evangelicalfellowship.ca

Intercessors for Canada – www.int4canada.com

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) – www.ivcf.ca

Nation at Prayer – www.nationatprayer.ca

Pegwatch Prayer Furnace- www.pegwatch.com

His Path Christian Centre- www.hispath.org

Linking Hearts Ministries- www.linkinghearts.ca

Stand on Guard Canada- www.ourchurch.com/member/f/Fresh_Fire/

Prayer Canada- www.prayercanada.org

Watchmen For The Nations- www.watchmen.org

MoveIn- www.movein.to

Campus Fire- www.campusfire.com

Wilmot Centre Missionary Church- www.wilmotcentremc.ca

Greater Ontario House of Prayer- www.gohop.ca

Durham House of Prayer- www.durhamhop.com

Christian Direction- www.direction.ca

Alliance Prayer Team from the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada- www.alliancepray.ca

University of Manitoba- http://umprayer.blogspot.com

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