Prorogation: Some thoughts from Lloyd Mackey

by Richard Long,

There continues to be a lot of talk in our media, on Facebook, and in your local Tim Horton’s coffee shop about the recent prorogation of Parliament till the first week of March.

One of the most long-serving journalists on “The Hill” is our good friend Lloyd Mackey, who we often see sitting in the Press Gallery during Question Period. (When Parliament is not prorogued!)

 I found his insights into the positive benefits of this hiatus an interesting read and a good challenge to continue praying for some greater purposes to come out of this season.

Ottawa Watch: The pro-prorogue case, simply put.

By Lloyd Mackey

“I received a challenge, last week, from Peter Biggs, a west coast Christian and journalist colleague. “[I] hope you might explain why we are proroguing Parliament” he said, having concluded that John Ibbitson’s December 30 piece in the Globe and Mail (‘Proroguing Parliament – a travesty, yet clever’) was “not wholly objective, but persuasive.”

I will try to rise to the challenge.

I would submit that the proroguing of Parliament is not only democratic, but provides opportunity for people of faith and goodwill to get some fair exposure in the Canadian media.

To keep this piece from getting too long, I will try to turn two anti-prorogue arguments on their heads. Then I want to repeat some previous pleas for collaborative governance — this time with some constructive suggestions for opposition MPs who might be up to the tasks that involve conciliation, rather than demonization. 

Read the whole article by Lloyd Mackey at the Canadian Christianity website.

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One Response to Prorogation: Some thoughts from Lloyd Mackey

  1. bigfatchristian says:

    Mr. Mackey’s article is interesting, though it doesn’t really explain prorogation from a Christian perspective. His arguments are essentially political and secular. As a Christian, I still grapple with what the necessity for suspending Parliament is. Can we justify it from a “Christian” perspective? I could be wrong but I’m not sure that we can. May we continue to pray for wisdom for members of our government and Prime Minister Harper.

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