Join us in praying for Vancouver during the Games

by Richard Long,

   Since we sent out the invitation today there has been a constant buzz on my Blackberry as people are signing up to subscribe to the Vancouver Olympic Prayer Network.  My hope is that some of those people will also make the trip to Keats Island for at least part of this prayer effort.

   When I was out in Vancouver a few weeks ago there was a front page story in the local paper about how some hotels were charging $895 a night for a basic room during the Olympics.  Then you have to get meals on top of that and compete in long lineups with all the other 300,000 visitors.

Check out what the Lord has arranged for intercessors – $52.50 includes meals, taxes and transportation around the Island if you stay camp-style at Keats Camps or only $105.00 per day at the more comfortable Barnabas Landing retreat centre.  All in the most beautiful scenery you can find in Canada!

Please ask the Lord if he wants you to come and join us!

Send me a note if you haven’t yet subscribed to the Vancouver Olympic Prayer Network that will send out regular prayer bulletins leading up to and during the Winter Games.

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