God always hears our prayers

by Richard Long,

I’ve been reading “Jesus – Safe, Tender, Extreme” by one of my favourite writers, Adrian Plass.  He comments on Jesus’ prayers in this way …

“Thus we see that despite all the negative events and experiences that he had known in his life, Jesus, who had only just dried his eyes after an emotional encounter with Mary, was able to stand outside the tomb of his friend Lazarus and offer thanks to God for always hearing his prayers.

   ‘So they took away the stone.  Then Jesus looked up and said, “Father I thank you that you have heard me.  I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me.”‘ John 11:41,42

“The pattern set for us by Jesus is a reassuring and inspiring one.  He felt what he felt, and he had no intention of denying it.  At the same time there is a sense of vibrant excitement and anticipation in his approach to difficult or challenging situations. … In all these circumstances his Father never fails to hear his prayers, and for that he is thankful.  … If we could emulate Jesus in this, our lives and the lives of others might be turned upside down.”

Good thoughts, eh?  Do we have that same confidence?  I am challenged today by Adrian Plass’ insights.  Do I really believe in a God who always hears my prayers?  Would that change the way I pray, if I always had that confidence?

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One Response to God always hears our prayers

  1. kehall says:

    I once heard a story about a business man whose father owned the company. The son was faced with a decision which required the father’s ratification. He said to the subordinate with whom he was working, ” i know my father will agree. He always gives me what I ask.” His subordinate looked quizzical. “How can you know
    that?” The son replied, “I never ask for anything I know my father is not willing to give.”

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