4th Annual National Prayer Vigil for the Canadian Forces.

Special Announcement

4th Annual National Prayer Vigil for the Canadian Forces.

The Military Christian Fellowship of Canada and the National House of Prayer invite all Canadians to stand together in prayer across the country

 Saturday 30 January, 2009, at 6 pm, EDT.

 Since 2001, the men and women of the Canadian Forces have been at war.  They have offered themselves in the service of their country, at the direction of our leaders, in Afghanistan and around the world.  More than 130 men and women have given their lives, and many more have come home grievously injured.  They need our prayer.

This is not a political event. 

 We ask people to gather in their homes, at churches, armouries or wherever they feel, to lift up our military and their families in prayer.  Please invite your local MP, MPP, Mayor.

IN OTTAWA.  We will be gathering at the Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill

Across Canada : Please organize your own gathering at the same time!   Please let us know if you are gathering, how many, and where by e-mailing mcfprayer@mcf-canada.ca.

 MCF Canada will be sending out more information in the weeks to come.  Please contact mcfprayer@mcf-canada.ca for further information.

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