Favourite Christmas Song

by Terry Long

            For years my favourite song has been “O Holy Night” and I still get chills with the lines “long lay the world in sin and error pining, t’ill he appeared and the soul felt its worth…”  I know it is familiar to you all.    I truly love this carol.  But ten years ago I was introduced to an unfamiliar and fairly unknown song written by Brian Doerksen in 1994.  It was sung by the amazing Carl and Hana Erickson from Toronto one Christmas at Runnymede Baptist Church.  The tune and lyrics are beautiful.  To my knowledge, there has only been one recording ever made and it is difficult to find, but it is well worth the search if you do find it.   I had to go directly to Brian himself to obtain more information about it.   I really hope that he will record it again.  (Brian, I told you that already and those of us who know the song are still hoping and waiting)   Here is a portion of the lyrics and yes….it also gave me chills when I heard it sung.


Jesus, I love the way 
You came to earth 
Through the humble act of birth 
I can almost hear
The angels gasp
As they listen to Your newborn cry

Jesus, you are our Humble King.

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