The End is but the Beginning…

By Jeremiah Smith

Once again another Nazarite Call program has wrapped up.  We at NHOP had the privilege, over the past 3 months, of praying along side 10 amazing Nazarite’s from across Canada.  Each came with a different story, different expectations and different gifts, yet through prayer and living in community came to a place of unity.  One of the Nazarite’s remarked before leaving, “This is what Church should be like!”

That unity was hard-fought for.  There were times of disagreement and frustration.  Yet we set our eyes on Christ and stayed the course.  Then the miracle happened– only that which Christ can accomplish:  we learned to love!  We learned to love as Christ loves us.  A love that does not seek its own, but seeks the other’s best interest.

Beyond the community aspects we also made great advances in prayer for this nation.  The Nazarite’s had great favor on Parliament Hill as they served numerous MP’s in their offices.  Every Monday and Wednesday they were sitting in Question Period, praying for our Parliamentarians.  We had great prayer times here at NHOP, and also had the opportunity to serve at Capital City Mission.

And now that the program is done they have gone.  They have left NHOP to take everything they’ve experienced and learned back to their communities, churches, family and friends.  Although it is sad seeing them go, I know that each Nazarite is carrying a heart of passion and prayer for this nation.  They are like dandelion’s blown into the wind, surrendered to wherever God may take them, each with the potential to change a nation.

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