Maritime House of Prayer

by Richard Long

    This week at Nhop we are having a consultation with other Houses of Prayer from across Canada.  Here on our blog, it gives us a chance to showcase some other ministries who are similar to ours.

   For example The Maritime House of Prayer which has it’s administrative centre at Prayer Mountain in Steeves Mountain, New Brunswick is actually a very innovative group.  They coordinate prayer over the whole region using seven 24-7 sites.

Here’s the explanation from their website.

“The unique aspect of MHOP is that it is a Mobile Maritime House of Prayer.  We believe that in many cities, towns, and villages of the Maritimes there will be a group of local people who will come together one day a month in their own city, town or village.  This “day” will be a date of the month that will be chosen by the core group and they will take responsibility for ensuring that this twenty-four hour period (midnight to midnight) of worship and intercession will take place in their location each month.  The physical location (building) may change monthly but the geographic location will be consistent.”  

You can learn more about the Maritime House of Prayer (MHOP) on their website.

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