Daywatch- Intercession for the New Day

by Richard Long,

   Previously we have linked to the European prayer effort, formerly known as Target Europe and now under the name “Daywatch”.  Our friends Roger and Sue Mitchell lead this prayer association.  Each month they do some writing about prayer issues for folks who are praying into the 40 nations of Europe.

   I guarantee they will make you think! 

Here’s the introduction to the November “Daywatch” written by Roger Mitchell as he talks about the role of the Holy Spirit in leading our prayers in the new season that we live in.

“This month we continue the question of what the Holy Spirit is for by asking the question to the first four chapters of Luke’s gospel. Probably we will continue to follow him via Luke’s suggested directions in months to come. This is important for our prayers and mindset change in the context of being repositioned in the world for two reasons at least. The first is that the church, or what from now on I will be referring to as the ecclesia, has tended in its history to get separated from Jesus whose body it is supposed to be. The mindset change and repositioning that we are experiencing as God’s people appears to be the result of three generations of Holy Spirit visitation aimed at getting Jesus’ ecclesia back where he wants it. So the question relates to the purpose of those visitations and the changes that seem to have been the result. Secondly, there is an increasing sense that the Holy Spirit is way ahead of us, which is why so many are no longer finding him present in meetings and worship events which he seems less and less keen on. So we need to know where he is likely to be so that we can find him there.”

Read Roger’s insights into the role of the Holy Spirit based on Luke 1-4 here.


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