Lightposts for Living

by Terry Long

  One of my favorite artists is Thomas Kinkade who is also nicknamed “The Painter of Light”.  A few years back I was delighted to discover that in addition to being  an incredibly talented artist, he is also an author and has written a book called, “Lightposts for Living, The Art of Choosing a Joyful Life”.   I own this book and have been blessed reading it. 

     Mr. Kinkade openly shares his faith in the book and shares some insightful concepts all around light.   He shares that when he paints, the painting looks quite ordinary until he adds all the light at the end to light up the painting and if you have seen any of his paintings they almost seem to glow, yet it is all done with paint.  In the same way, he says that we glow inside with the inner light of the Lord and we should let our light shine with joy, balance, simplicity, thankfulness, creativity, serving, etc.    I really like his opening chapter called “The Colour of Joy”and how he relates that to light and living fully. 

  These words remind me of when Jesus said, “in the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.”  (John 16:33).    In these days there sure is alot to get down about, but let’s pray for godly perspectives and for the joy that cannot be taken from us.  Let our lights so shine that men may see our good works and praise our Father in heaven. That is a sure lightpost for living in this world.


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