Unite Canada: 24-7-365-2010

by Richard Long,

  This is the first time you will be hearing about a special prayer initiative in 2010.  It won’t be the last, I promise.

  As 20 national prayer leaders met in September of 2009 to seek the Lord for the season ahead, one of the major discernments was that we needed to make 2010 a Year of Prayer for Canada.

  Coming out of that conviction was the desire to see every hour of the year covered in prayer.  Daria Tomiuk from 24-7 Prayer Canada is the best positioned to enable this to happen, so we have asked her, as other prayer leaders, to take the lead in getting this organized.   Soon there will be a dedicated website for this, where churches, cities and prayer networks can sign up to take a day or a week in the overall effort.

We will give you the heads up as soon as the link comes available.

In the meantime please pray for Daria as she works on this.  We are also working to raise $20,000 to help pay some salary for her and to create the website and other literature.

Your prayers and dollars would be welcome!  Donations can be made online at 24-7 Prayer Canada.

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