My Canada Reception on Parliament Hill

by Richard Long,

   We had a wonderful time in the Grand Ballroom on Parliament Hill tonight.  Our team was invited to join with the Josiah Team from My Canada and other friends to a reception to honour M.P.s and Senators, as well as their staff. 

  Faytene Kryskow and her team did a wonderful job of sharing their hearts and creating an event of impact.  The highlight of the night was their special “Hero” award to M.P. Joy Smith who championed Bill 268 against human trafficking.  Many other Parliamentarians dropped by to have some great food (thanks to Ruth Sowerby and her team) and to meet young adults from all across the nation.

Keep praying for the My Canada team as they meet 67 M.P.s and Senators over 5 days this week, that they will leave a sweet fragrance of the Lord in the lives of everyone they meet, and that the impression of young Canadians who have strong convictions about righteousness would remain for a long time in their hearts and minds.

You can follow the Twitter updates online at the My Canada website.

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