More Memories of Remembrance Day

Prince Charles

by Richard Long,

  We were so blessed yesterday!  The Lord allowed our team to set up right across from the arrival area at the red carpet at the National War Momument.  This is ground zero when it comes to the centre of the action.  In the picture, which was taken by one of our Nazarites – Bill Mintram, you see Prince Charles getting ready to get out of his limo and the Governor General Michaelle Jean with her consort and her daughter, getting ready to welcome the royal party.

Both the Prince and the GG were in their matching military uniforms.  She looked very tiny beside him. 

A few minutes earlier we had seen the Prime Minister and his family pull up in their limo.

For me it is always the Scottish regiments that touch me deeply.  My grandfather fought and was wounded in WW1 as a member of the Scottish infantry.  I used to watch him march in the Veteran’s Day parade in Toronto and was very proud of the sacrifice he was willing to make for our freedom.

remembrance day scots

No question, there was something deep going on yesterday.  People watching on TV at home, or those of us who got to be right in the middle of things; we all felt a “sacredness” to the ceremony.  I loved that Amazing Grace was played on a soliltary bagpipe at one point, and at another point the Chaplain-General prayed a wonderful prayer in the name of Jesus.


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