Praying in the Streets of Halifax


by Richard Long,

Here’s a great report from a bunch of folks in Halifax who are taking prayer to the people.

From 24-7 Prayer Canada

Church amongst the People

  Jesus got downright venomous with religious leaders who put obstacles between people and God.  I believe that He would be cheering on loudest those who make a point of connecting people on the outside with Him. 

 “What are you doing out here?”

 Late Saturday nights in Halifax, Nova Scotia now sits a corporate type tent in the middle of the city’s public square with a few beach chairs, some lights and a sign that says “How can we pray for you?”  The time and place are strategic as the city is well known for abundant night life, with partiers starting at the bottom of the hill, on the harbour, working their way up the hill, from bar to bar, as the evening progresses.  Parade Square sits in the middle of the progression, within earshot of one of the most notorious of the bars.  It is nicknamed the Liquordome.  No kidding.

 My house shall be called a house of prayer

 There at the tent are a team of volunteers.  Not a big team, mind you,…  … but a handful of volunteers ready and willing to pray for matters trivial and weighty.  Each prayer made at the request of a passerby includes not only the matter at hand, but also a petition that God would reveal Himself to the person in their life and through the situation.  Their act of requesting prayer taken and offered as an invitation for God to work in their life.

 Read the rest of the report …

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