Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

by Richard Long,

  Terry and I had the wonderful opportunity to join over a hundred other pastoral couples and singles over the last day and a half to participate in an Emotionally Healthy Spirituality seminar here in Ottawa.

pete scazzarogeri scazzer0  We already had a copy of the book by Pete and Geri Scazzaro, but seeing them in action was a whole other level of training.  It was really challenging and helpful stuff.

   An extra bonus was the material they shared about Contemplative Spirituality in the afternoon session.  I hadn’t realized how deep they had gone in this direction.  They have really sought to implement the Daily Office into the lives of their congregation, including writing A Rule of Life for their staff and their elders.  Since we are really interested in any attempt to work out monasticism in an urban setting, it was wonderful to hear how they are doing that in Queens, New York.

You can learn much more about it at their great website at EmotionallyHealthy.org



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One Response to Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

  1. cathyjc says:

    very intriguing..would love to learn more. I did read the book, Emotionally Healthy Church, and it was awesome..

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