Parliamentary Committees

by Richard Long,

One of the major advances the Lord has led us into this Fall is the whole area of Parliamentary Committees.  We have been praying about this for over a year, but only in the last few weeks have we sensed the favour to move full speed ahead. 

Previously we have prayed for the various Committees and their issues as we watched them online or on CPAC. ( There are 26 Committees and every M.P. sits on at least one unless they are a cabinet minister, in which case they lead that department.)

  But in the last few weeks we have begun to devote some of our prayer watches and more significantly, deployed our new Nazarites to study and develop research around specific Committees.  They have all now had the opportunity to sit in on a Committee and some have had multiple opportunities.  Interestingly, it was M.P.’s who opened the door for us and encouraged us to make ourselves present. 

Even the prayer team that is with us this week from Vernon, B.C. had the opportunity today to split up and attend various Committees during the second half of the afternoon.  Why is this good?  Well, as opposed to Question Period, Parliamentary Committees are the place where the real work of Government takes place as members from all parties have to hammer out legislation, and learn to compromise and work together.  It’s refreshing!

Perhaps you are interested in seeing more of this in action.  You can actually tune into specific Committee meetings on both CPAC and also ParlVu and see when they are being televised or broadcast on the internet.

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